Description: The More group is about finding out ways to be connected More to Heartland Church. This group will be specifically designed to help people to stay connected as well as figuring out how you can serve in our church! If you are asking what the next step is, or what can I do, or how can I serve, this group is for you!

This Group will be lead by the Pastors. This group will be 4 weeks long and will dive into what your gifts and talents may be to help you develop a place for you to connect and serve.



Description: Life groups are about loving and caring about life with others! This group is laid back and it’s sole purpose is to grow by gathering together, doing short devotional with discussion questions, and praying about life!

This group will have devotional with questions planned out for them to study. Life groups will start with 30 min. food and fellowship. There will be a 20-30 minute devotional with questions. Lastly, 20-30 prayer time!



Description: Focus groups are specifically geared towards studying God’s Word by digging deeper as a group and individually! 

This could include Group discussions, video driven material, book study, commentaries, as well as individual personal study time. 

(These groups will vary according to peoples interest and needs!)



Description: Discipleship groups are about disciples who make disciples. It’s about living out the great commission and maturing in Christ with fellow believers. These groups are made to multiply! We do this by going through one book, then each member branches off and starts new groups. This is a full commitment towards living out the great commission. 

The men, called "Band of Brothers",  go through the discipleship book ,"  Every Man a Warrior.” 

The Women go through the discipleship book called, “Cultivating Holy Beauty.” The Women’s ministry is called “Bloom"



Description: Prayer groups are about revitalizing and recapturing the Heart of God into our lives by praying for God’s will to be done in many situations. 

These prayer groups will come together to read a passage of scripture than specifically pray for our church, communities, government, Leaders, missionaries, health, and so much more!